Updates: Bougainvillea, Lemon Seedlings and A Growing New Welcome Plant


Bougainvillea – Dec. 6

Bougainvillea - Dec. 16

Bougainvillea – Dec. 16

Finally, after more than 4 months of waiting for our Bougainvillea to flower we found four tiny blooms prior to December 6. It’s really exciting to see the plant has a few light green bracts. I bought the cutting with flowers already, but eventually they wilted. I wasn’t able to take pictures the very first time I got the cutting, so there’s literally no ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of the plant.

I’ve also been so envious of our neighbor who lives across the street because their bougainvillea with orange and pink flowers have been blooming profusely since summer. The plants’ long stems with flowers are visible from their balcony even though they live inside a small compound – 2nd house to be exact.

Hopefully, our bougainvillea plant will also have lots of flowers in the coming months.

lemon seedling and ZZ plant leaf

lemon seedling and ZZ plant leaf

Now these are delightful news but also present a dilemma in the future.

First are these lemon seedlings. The fruit of these tiny plants is a grocery-bought lemon, that after squeezing out the juice I decided to plant the seeds in a soil-less potting mix. It is a dilemma because we don’t have the space in our backyard to grow trees. However, we still have 3 growing seedlings – the Kafir lime, Caimito, and Annatto.

I just wish my aunt’s caretaker will drop-by and get the Annatto and Caimito seedlings soon. And, by the way, there’s also a lone Indian Mango seed growing on the stony ground. I bet the roots have already penetrated deeply, but I’ll try to transfer it to a pot soon and have it taken away to my aunt’s small orchard.

And lastly, there’s also the ZZ plant leaf. The mother plants, unfortunately, died as well. We have so many plants that died after the drastic rainy season. My mom was able to salvage this lone leaf several months earlier. I re-potted it using a good quality soil so the growing roots can get more nutrients and gain more length. There’s also another pot with 3 leaves and 1 growing plant, but I propagated those for a friend of mine.

Hopefully, these new developments will become permanent. It’s really sad to see plants dying in the backyard garden. But I guess that’s part of gardening or the life cycle of gardens, in general.