Backyard Garden – October update


A lot of things happened in July to September. And as I’ve posted a month ago, the harsh rains have damaged our moss roses. Even though we were able to save a couple of plants, their roots were heavily soaked in wet soil, and they eventually died. We’ve also removed the PET bottles as well. We’ll plant new moss roses or a hardier plant next year, maybe around March.

However, all is not lost. The other plants are growing and still thriving despite the fluctuating weather.

These plants are still alive and kicking despite the rains. We’ve pruned the Eugenia plant on the right and those new orange leaves came out several days ago. The plant in the middle used to have pink flowers, and the one on the left seems to like the changing weather. I don’t know what these two plants are called. Still searching for names.

The Hawaiian Ti plant’s long, broad leaves are visible here. This is the daughter plant from the older potted Ti. Notice the predominant green coloring of the leaves? I’ve read that the mature Hawaiian Ti’s leaves become more pink or almost burgundy in color, with some green highlights, too.

I still don’t know the name of this brown-reddish plant. There are now several of them – 3 daughter plants, where 2 of which are potted separately and the other one potted with the mother plant. I was afraid at first when we cut the daughter plants off because we weren’t sure if they will survive. The green dust plant is surely doing okay. It has grown a few inches and new leaves are emerging. We’ve pruned it a bit to encourage more leaves to grow.

These are old and new plants. The smaller Persian shield, fox tail, and bugleweed are new (bought from the Garden Show last week). On the terracotta pot are calamansi seedlings (× Citrofortunella microcarpa). Beside the calamansi is the white angel plant that I cut when its leaves tarted to whither and yellow. There are now new leaves emerging, and thank goodness it is still alive. In between the bugleweed and white angel is the pandakaki (Tabernaemontana divaricata) which is hardier than other plants in our backyard garden. Though without blooms at this time, it looks like a smaller version of the white angel when in bloom. The one in between the mature Persian shield and pandakaki planters are caimito (Chrysophyllum cainito) seedlings.


It’s really nice to see new plants growing out of the soil from the older, mother plants. On the left is the wishing plant with a new ‘spear’ emerging at the edge of the pot. On the right is the new welcome plant from either of the two mature plants. These truly gave us hope that our little backyard garden can survive.

Our bougainvillea is also doing good. We actually bought this cutting with a few white flowers. But after they’ve wilted off, it hasn’t bloomed since. However, the plant is still growing and this picture shows an already pruned plant. It used to have longer, unruly stems all around; so, we decided to prune them to encourage more leaves instead.

This is what the backyard garden looks like now. No more PET vertical planters. See the moss on the wall? These appeared after several rainy weeks. I like the effect, though. It colors the bare hollow block walls.  We’ve added the plant stands several weeks back. They’re made of scrap metal and steel from my dad’s talyer (auto repair/body-building shop).


Two of the newer plants – tillandsia and succulents in a dish garden. We also bought these last week at the garden show.

Just sharing these evergreens. These have been at the front of our house for years. My mom prunes them at least once a month to prevent overgrowth. These are hardy plants that never cease to grow no matter the weather.