Infographic – How to Make a Dish Garden

It’s my first time to create an infographic and I really enjoyed it. However, WordPress does not allow the “iframe” coding system which is I guess a type of script. Anyhow, I just made a screen capture of the infographic I created via

My message is clear and simple: learn how to make a dish garden, so you too can enjoy a bit of greenery even if you have a tiny space such as a windowsill.

How to make a dish garden   Infogram



4 thoughts on “Infographic – How to Make a Dish Garden

  1. Hi Chellet,

    Thanks for this post. Learned how to do a dish garden and hopefully would learn how to make my own infographic. Been a follower of your blog for months now.

    • Hi, Michelle.

      Thank you for sticking with me and my gardening adventures. Been busy at work, but gardening is a stress-reliever. I just don’t get to write every single day or week, for that matter. But I try to update at least once a month. =)

      I’m also glad you like dish gardens and have learned about making it.

      Making an infographic is tedious based on my experience using But the steps are actually straightforward. And it is best that you have your own photos/images to use prior to creating your infographic. Try it sometime, it is free to sign up and use. =)

      Have a good day!

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