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Happy Holidays!

holiday greetings

It’s been an exciting and challenging year for us here in the Philippines. Nevertheless, let us not forget to thank the Lord for even the smallest blessings we have.

We pray fervently for the recovery of our kababayans in the Visayas region. And we are very thankful for those who’ve extended their helping hand to the Philippines. Maraming Salamat po!!!

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. January 1, 2014    

    I love all the posts on gardening and especially on the moss. One of the main theories I learned as a WSU Master Gardener is to make an effort to choose native plant species for a particular region. Introducing non native species creates an imbalance in the eco system that does not show up until many years later. For example the area I live in receives a substantial amount of rain in the Pacific Northwest. In the spring and summer we have longer days of sunlight with the sun rising as early as 4:30am and setting as late as 9:30pm resulting in plants that grow rapidly and bolt. We have a rain forest in the Olympic Mountains and plants from others regions of the world when introduced here become invasive and out of control. We have snow in the winter, but it is mild compared to other regions of the world. And we have a lot of varieties of beautiful moss. I enjoy learning about your gardening ideas.

    • January 2, 2014    

      Hi, Teresa.

      I agree with you on the imbalance of the eco system due to introduction of non-native species of plants. Even though some intentions are good, what happens next can be devastating.

      Thanks for dropping by and reading through the posts/pages. I appreciate it a lot.

      Happy New Year!

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