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Backyard Gardening Update – January 2014

This backyard gardening blog is going towards its second year in May. Our backyard garden is ever-changing because of the weather, the amount of sunlight it receives, the ‘confining space’ effect of the four walls surrounding it, and a wide array of human errors we’ve committed as amateur gardeners.

I know a lot of people believe that gardening requires a green thumb. I do not believe in this, but I believe in errors and wrong decisions such as choosing the wrong plants, pruning too early, transferring a young plant from pot to pot, over-/under- watering, and a whole lot more. Sometimes I hate to admit to many of these errors, but I really want to start the year right without a lot of plants dying on me again. Yikes!

Anyhow, in building a backyard garden (or any garden in general) we should always be patient and we should keep on learning – from our mistakes and from learning materials as well. There’s a lot of benefits in researching the web for information especially about plant care and how to properly grow them. We just have to make time in doing so in order for us to properly tend our gardens.

Our backyard garden now…

backyard garden

This is the original area of the backyard garden. But we’ve transferred 2 pots of Ti plants to our other garden since they’re growing fast and crowding the area. And if you’ll notice, there’s no flower yet on most of the plants. There’s a lone stem on the white bougainvillea with a small cluster of developing flowers, and one of the green and pink aglaonema plant has 2 flower buds. But they’re hard to see at this point.


These buds are bit bigger now, but they’re still closed. Apparently, my mom is quite fond of these plants. I understand why…they’re like mayana or coleus plants because they have gorgeous colors that bring life into any garden.

backyard garden plants

See what I mean? Here are a few more aglaonema variants – the green and pink pointy and rounded foliage that surround the green and white colocasia and the pixie green and pink ti plant. At the back row, another pink and green aglaonema and beside it is the maroon/brown ti plant (behind the green and white colocasia), and next to it is the pink and green colocasia, followed by Italian oregano. Notice the pinks and greens? They seem to be our favorites recently. The other plants here are fern, bottle brush plant, and dangling pothos (devil’s ivy).

backyard plants

The two plants that were not included on the previous photos – maiden hair fern and a ‘rescued’ species of Dracaena (if I am not mistaken). The rescued Dracaena was literally rescued from being thrown away. My mom got a hold of it from my cousin’s trash pile outside their house. She was pruning some of her garden plants when my mom saw this plant.

backyard garden plants

This old corn plant has been reduced to its tip since it grows taller and taller, with sprouting daughter plants every now and then. Beside it is this transplanted Ixora. At the back row behind the corn plant is also an oldie, the pruned Plumbago. Since it started raining few months ago, I had no choice but to prune the two sister plants because most of their leaves turned brown. This plant loves the summer time, so I had to relocate it under a roofed area while the sun’s rays are absent during this time of year. Behind the Ixora is an Ashitaba sp. plant. At the background is an ailing white petiole Aglaonema (which died eventually). Not sure what happened, but maybe it was not in a very good condition when I bought it, though there were no visible signs.

avocado seedlings

 Lastly, we have two growing avocado seedlings which we will give to my uncle. He has a bigger yard where a couple of trees are growing, including the mango seedling we gave him a couple of months ago.

Our backyard garden is not perfect. We do not intend it to be. We only hope to keep all thriving plants alive and maybe add a couple of more once my budget permits.


  1. February 19, 2014    

    I agree to a certain extent, that gardening doesn’t require a green thumb. Gardening, like other disciplines one undertakes to learn, requires a great deal of preparation, study and learning on the part of the gardener to do it well. It also takes an attitude of appreciation and an understanding for the dirt, the plants and the environment and how they all work together, for the individual needs of each plant and that they are living, breathing things that respond to your care.

    • February 19, 2014    

      Hi, Sheryl.

      Yes, I believe so. It takes time and patience to learn. And gardening is trial-and-error in my case.

      Thanks for dropping by.

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