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2015 UPLB Garden Show Info

uplb garden show oct 2013025

I have received quite plentiful inquiries via email and a new one on a comment section of the blog regarding any update on the 2015 UPLB Garden Show.   It used to be held around March and October, but as of today, we haven’t got any information as to when it will be held in […]

Jump-start Your Garden with End ...

Jump-start Your Garden with End of Winter Gardening Prep

Here’s a very useful gardening infographic that can help you jump-start your garden next season… End of Winter Gardening Preparations and Tips    

My Published Contribution on Sag...


A year ago I wrote a gardening article for Sage Living Wall: Gardening Tips for Small Spaces Share this post to your friends as well.   Also, check out their living wall products. They’re perfect for indoor and outdoor gardens – whether for you or as a gift for a friend.          

Backyard Gardening Update –...

Backyard Gardening Update – March 2015 Blooms!

I’ve been meaning to write and publish this post weeks ago, but I’ve decided that today’s the best day because I had to take very recent photos of our backyard garden. But first let me say that the start of the year looks good especially when it comes to our backyard plants. I think I’ve already conquered […]

Backyard Gardening Update

Backyard Gardening Update

Since we started gardening in mid 2012, I was truly determined to keep it alive and well no matter the weather and challenges. We’ve lost several plants because of my brown thumb and for lacking enough knowledge on how to properly choose and care for specific plant species. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. […]

Backyard Gardening Blog Update

Backyard Gardening Blog Update

  Dear readers, My sincerest apologies if you’ll find the DIY backyard gardening blog changing quite a bit. I’ve been updating the free theme I’m using in order for us to have a cleaner and more reader-friendly navigation. Thank you for your understanding.

Frogs in the Garden – Fron...

Frogs in the Garden – Front and Backyard

Wildlife such as tiny reptiles, butterflies, and bugs are indeed attracted into many home gardens. Whether we live in the urban area or in a forested valley, they find our gardens and stay there for a while. My theory as to why these frogs are here in the neighborhood is that the rainy months may have […]

Holiday Greetings 2014

Holiday Greetings 2014

Holiday Greetings from DIY Backyard Gardening… Thank you for visiting my backyard gardening blog since its inception in 2012. It’s been an enjoyable experience to share what I’ve learned as a semi-green thumbed gardener. Also, many thanks to the generous contributors who’ve provided us with additional information about gardening and other useful, relevant resources. I hope you all […]

What’s New: Gardening Info...

What’s New: Gardening Infographics

 We have a new main menu (with sub-pages) on the DIY Backyard Gardening blog that’s dedicated to curated gardening infographics. Like other types of infographics, these were created by their original owners to provide informative illustrations on specific topics. My aim is to provide additional information that’s easier to read (especially for those who are busy […]

Practical Gardening Tips


Here’s a presentation I’ve created on SlideShare on practical gardening tips. These are quite basic and easy to understand especially for beginner gardeners. I hope you’ll find it useful and helpful for your front and/or backyard garden. Update: Guys, please click on the image to head over to SlideShare. Embedding the slide presentation here slows […]

Backyard Gardening Project: How ...


I’ve created a how-to guide on making a bird feeder a week ago and I hope you’ve tried it at home, too. It’s really easy and cheap. And you’ll be feeding wild birds (and even sneaky mice if you’re from the Philippines) in no time. Here’s what mine looks like: Not pretty, I know. But […]

The October 2014 UPLB Garden Sho...

The October 2014 UPLB Garden Show – Part 1

It’s been two weeks since me and my sis went to second leg of the bi-annual LBHS / UPLB Garden Show. Went to the college town of Los Banos, Laguna on the 10th and met with my sister within the campus, at the show’s venue. However, it was too darn late to take good pictures, […]

UPLB Garden Show October 2014

UPLB Garden Show October 2014

This is it! I’m going to the UPLB Garden Show this October! I just got word from my sister that the second installment of the bi-annual Los Banos Horticulture Society’s Flower and Garden Show (a.k.a. UPLB Garden Show) is on October 10 to 19. There’s a Php25.00 Php20.00 entrance fee, if I’m not mistaken; and the gates […]

Indoor Gardening with Cacti and ...

Indoor Gardening with Cacti and Pothos

Indoor gardening is a great excuse to buy cacti last weekend. I wanted other types of desert plants, but the seller told me they’ll have succulents next month (if their mother store will supply them). Gardening indoors is a way to augment my view since I work hours in front of a computer. Although my […]

Garden Supply Stores In Our Area

garden supply store

I have answered a couple of visitors’ comments on my blog and also several email inquiries about the places to buy garden plants. However, I can only give them recommendation based on where I actually bought our garden plants. I live in the province of Laguna and there are many garden supply stores and landscapers […]

Let’s Plant More Trees

Let’s Plant More Trees

I am an advocate of planting trees. I may not be a part of any organization nor do I advocate tree-planting in public, but still, I do my part in my own little way. Nowadays, it seems impossible to plant and grow trees in communities like ours due to the changing infrastructure, road plans and […]

Home Gardening on a Rainy Saturd...


Do you have these ideas that often pop into your thoughts about sprucing up your garden? As a DIY home gardener and still a newbie at that, I always have these ideas on how to add more plants in our backyard garden. The problem is always the small space we have out there. So I […]

A House is Not a Home Without Ga...

A House is Not a Home Without Garden Plants

“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.” ~ Alfred Austin Whenever I see photos of homes with plants all around, I really get excited and inspired to write a blog post. The photo […]

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