Home Gardening on a Rainy Saturday


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Do you have these ideas that often pop into your thoughts about sprucing up your garden? As a DIY home gardener and still a newbie at that, I always have these ideas on how to add more plants in our backyard garden. The problem is always the small space we have out there. So I tend to stop myself before I even buy another batch of plants ‘coz I know it would only become a problem sooner or later.

A House is Not a Home Without Garden Plants

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“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.” ~ Alfred Austin Whenever I see photos of homes with plants all around, I really get excited and inspired to write a blog post. The photo above is owned by a family friend – Ate Matess and her family. They also live here in our city, but she’s not our next-door neighbor. Anyhow, it was a delight to see this picture of her lanai on Facebook. So, I asked for permission if I can use the photo and feature it here on my gardening blog.

Know Thy Garden Plants

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It’s been a while since I posted an update. But first let me say that it is officially rainy/typhoon season here in the Philippines. So, no more crunchy, dry brown leaves on most of our backyard plants. Thank goodness! However, the rain brings in another type of dilemma especially when it is non-stop or whenever there’s a storm. Nevertheless, I am thankful that no matter how extreme the weather conditions are, the plants in our backyard still persist.

Backyard Gardening Update – May 2014


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I used to love summer. But now I dread it! Why? Well, first of all, I wasn’t able to go to the first of two garden shows that I go to each year since I started this gardening blog. I was upset for days, but I had two great excuses to refrain from going. One is my busy work schedule and the other is the attack of pesky prickly heat. As much as I want to go and as much as I can adjust my freelancing work schedule, I still opted to stay home because the summer heat is too much for me. During summer, I have prickly heat and I couldn’t stand commuting for hours with the type of weather that we have right now. I can bear the rainy seasons, but when it’s too hot during summertime, I have a hard time deciding.

“Add Charm To Pots And Stones With A Little Moss” was featured on BuzzFeed


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I was not aware that the page “Add Charm To Pots And Stones With A Little Moss” was featured on Buzzfeed until I noticed the stats on this hosted blog. I am not always checking the stats in detail once I’m logged in, so it was really a surprise. And it’s also because I was lazy to check the numbers, I always look past the stats. I cannot take full credit of the guest post because it was written by a guest blogger last year. Unfortunately, I had to un-link all of the outgoing websites/brands/their own pages from guest bloggers’ posts/pages because of a Google penalty I got last Month. But I left the signatures/bylines and brand mentions in tact as courtesy to the guest bloggers I’ve accepted on this blog. Thank you to Daniel, the guest blogger/consultant from http://www.landscapingtoronto.ca/ who provided us with the moss/rock garden article. Please, if you can visit their website, please do so. It is our own little way of paying it forward and saying thank you to a good blog post/page.  =) It is also the most pinned/re-pinned on my Pinterest (the old worpress.com blog got 19k pins, but now it’s registered to 900+ since I moved to Continue Reading →

Update: UPLB Flower and Garden Show 2014

Finally! I got word on the schedules of the UPLB Flower and Garden Show 2014 fort he first half of the year. It will be on April 25 to May 4 at the University of the Philippines Los Banos, Laguna Seniors’ Social Garden.  Admission fee is pretty cheap, but I’m not sure how much it will be this time. So, spare a few hundred pesos for admission fee and for shopping herbs and garden plants.  =) We’ll see you there!

Bougainvillea – Why We Should Have It in the Garden


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I am one of those people who smile and feel happy whenever I see flowers. No, not the ones given by a romantic person to another.  =)  But flowers attached to their mother plants like the bougainvilleas in the picture below. Yap, that’s me. I was really happy when I saw that bougainvillea ‘tree’. It was trained to grow and develop that way by the gardeners of the Pagoda. This was taken in Penang, Malaysia when we had our business trip in 2005.