Update: UPLB Flower and Garden Show 2014

Finally! I got word on the schedules of the UPLB Flower and Garden Show 2014 fort he first half of the year. It will be on April 25 to May 4 at the University of the Philippines Los Banos, Laguna Seniors’ Social Garden.  Admission fee is pretty cheap, but I’m not sure how much it will be this time. So, spare a few hundred pesos for admission fee and for shopping herbs and garden plants.  =) We’ll see you there!

Bougainvillea – Why We Should Have It in the Garden


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I am one of those people who smile and feel happy whenever I see flowers. No, not the ones given by a romantic person to another.  =)  But flowers attached to their mother plants like the bougainvilleas in the picture below. Yap, that’s me. I was really happy when I saw that bougainvillea ‘tree’. It was trained to grow and develop that way by the gardeners of the Pagoda. This was taken in Penang, Malaysia when we had our business trip in 2005.

No Info Yet About the UPLB Garden Show 2014

Dear fellow gardeners, As of today, March 16 ’2014, we still do not have any info regarding the exact schedule of the bi-annual Flower and Garden Show that’s hosted by the University of the Philippines in Los Banos, Laguna. This is a show organized by the Laguna Horticulture Society, but they do not have an updated website as far as I know. I will keep you posted if ever my sister gets word in the coming week/s. Have a great weekend!

Backyard Gardening Update – February 2014


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I know I’ve been posting the same photos of our backyard plants for months now. But I am glad we are still able to keep most of the varieties still alive and kicking despite some worrisome bugs and weather issues we’ve had over the past year. Somehow, I have also managed (or should I say restrained) myself from over pruning and ‘disturbing’ the plants for months. Thanks to my busy work schedule and NOT being an obsessive compulsive gardener. Sometimes, it really pays off just letting the plants be and not worrying too much about possibilities of pests lurking and pruning just for the sake of being in a ‘gardening mode’.

Backyard Gardening Update – January 2014


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This backyard gardening blog is going towards its second year in May. Our backyard garden is ever-changing because of the weather, the amount of sunlight it receives, the ‘confining space’ effect of the four walls surrounding it, and a wide array of human errors we’ve committed as amateur gardeners. I know a lot of people believe that gardening requires a green thumb. I do not believe in this, but I believe in errors and wrong decisions such as choosing the wrong plants, pruning too early, transferring a young plant from pot to pot, over-/under- watering, and a whole lot more. Sometimes I hate to admit to many of these errors, but I really want to start the year right without a lot of plants dying on me again. Yikes!

Our Other Garden


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We now officially have two gardens – our DIY backyard garden and a windowsill garden. I truly feel it is necessary to have this ‘other garden’ because we stopped putting curtains on our front windows and we’ve removed the blinds after that. The house we live in is along national road and dust and smoke from outside usually land inside this house. The least I can do to fill in the gap and remove the boredom of a curtain-less window is to surround it with plants. And since our backyard has had several makeovers (relocating plants, adding some more plants species, killing a few plants but not on purpose, etc.) and the space isn’t big enough, I have relocated some of the plants to the front and made sure the dish gardens are only located at the front of the house as well. The dilemma of buying plants when I (or my mom) cannot resist is where to put the new plant/s at the backyard garden. It has become a chaotic garden when I haven’t pruned and rearranged and relocated the plants. It is constantly a work in progress. But now it looks better –>  this update will be on Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays!

It’s been an exciting and challenging year for us here in the Philippines. Nevertheless, let us not forget to thank the Lord for even the smallest blessings we have. We pray fervently for the recovery of our kababayans in the Visayas region. And we are very thankful for those who’ve extended their helping hand to the Philippines. Maraming Salamat po!!! Happy Holidays everyone!

Garden Supply Stores In Our Area

I have answered a couple of visitors’ comments on my blog and also several email inquiries about the places to buy garden plants. However, I can only give them recommendation based on where I actually bought our garden plants. I live in the province of Laguna and there are many garden supply stores and landscapers here in our province. But I am pretty sure whatever we have here – plant species and garden accessories – are also available elsewhere in the Philippines. Lately, my favorite garden stores are Inang’s Garden (Canlalay Binan, Laguna) and Del’s Garden (they are regular participants and sellers in the UPLB Garden Shows and they now have a branch in SM City Sta. Rosa, how cool is that!?). I love purchasing from these stores because their plant varieties are better in terms of species and appearance.

Infographic – How to Make a Dish Garden

It’s my first time to create an infographic and I really enjoyed it. However, WordPress does not allow the “iframe” coding system which is I guess a type of script. Anyhow, I just made a screen capture of the infographic I created via Infogr.am. My message is clear and simple: learn how to make a dish garden, so you too can enjoy a bit of greenery even if you have a tiny space such as a windowsill.