Practical Gardening Tips

Here’s a presentation I’ve created on SlideShare on practical gardening tips. These are quite basic and easy to understand especially for beginner gardeners.


Practical Gardening Tips via SlideShare

I hope you’ll find it useful and helpful for your front and/or backyard garden.

Update: Guys, please click on the image to head over to SlideShare. Embedding the slide presentation here slows down the upload time of the site. Thank you!

Backyard Gardening Project: How to Make a DIY Bird Feeder

I’ve created a how-to guide on making a bird feeder a week ago and I hope you’ve tried it at home, too.

It’s really easy and cheap. And you’ll be feeding wild birds (and even sneaky mice if you’re from the Philippines) in no time.

Here’s what mine looks like:


DIY bird feeder for our backyard garden visitors

Not pretty, I know. But it’s functional and costs nothing. Just a few minutes and a little creativity.

Try it and tell us when you’re done. Enjoy!



UPLB Garden Show October 2014

This is it!

I’m going to the UPLB Garden Show this October!

uplb garden show oct 2013

uplb garden show oct 2013

I just got word from my sister that the second installment of the bi-annual Los Banos Horticulture Society’s Flower and Garden Show (a.k.a. UPLB Garden Show) is on October 10 to 19.

There’s a Php25.00 Php20.00 entrance fee, if I’m not mistaken; and the gates will be opened at around 8 am.

The show’s usual venue is at the Seniors’ Social Garden.

See you there!


Garden Supply Stores In Our Area

I have answered a couple of visitors’ comments on my blog and also several email inquiries about the places to buy garden plants. However, I can only give them recommendation based on where I actually bought our garden plants.

I live in the province of Laguna and there are many garden supply stores and landscapers here in our province. But I am pretty sure whatever we have here – plant species and garden accessories – are also available elsewhere in the Philippines.

Lately, my favorite garden stores are Inang’s Garden (Canlalay Binan, Laguna) and Del’s Garden (they are regular participants and sellers in the UPLB Garden Shows and they now have a branch in SM City Sta. Rosa, how cool is that!?). I love purchasing from these stores because their plant varieties are better in terms of species and appearance. Continue Reading →

Let’s Plant More Trees

I am an advocate of planting trees. I may not be a part of any organization nor do I advocate tree-planting in public, but still, I do my part in my own little way.

Nowadays, it seems impossible to plant and grow trees in communities like ours due to the changing infrastructure, road plans and widening, as well as the lack of lawns in residential areas. Continue Reading →