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Frogs in the Garden – Front and Backyard

Wildlife such as tiny reptiles, butterflies, and bugs are indeed attracted into many home gardens. Whether we live in the urban area or in a forested valley, they find our gardens and stay there for a while.

My theory as to why these frogs are here in the neighborhood is that the rainy months may have brought them. There used to be rice fields along the highway a few minutes from here and within the villages and subdivisions in our area. There are still rice patches and small vegetable gardens in some places around here where these frogs and other small animals forage.

I’ve waited a few weeks before writing this post because I wanted to see if the frogs in the garden will stay long enough. And indeed they stayed – let me rephrase that – they’re still staying and growing fat thanks to the insects they can feast on.


The Guardian: This frog seems to love the pepperomia plants in our backyard garden.

I even thought there’s only one brownish frog just traveling to and from our front and backyard gardens. But there are two visible brownish frogs in both our gardens. My sister and I have seen smaller frogs out front and there’s one which happened to hang out in our kitchen. I am not particularly  sure how many of these frogs are staying in, but we’re glad they’ve stayed.


The Sentinel: This frog always hangs out on our DSL box. Sometimes it’s not there, but it comes back and stays there like a sentinel.

Update: I found the smaller, spotted brown frog in the backyard garden last week. It’s distinct spots and patterns, apart from its smaller size, are quite remarkable.


The Wanderer: This small frog was last seen inside our kitchen. Glad it made its way into the garden.

I’m still keeping tabs on our resident frogs from time to time. I may be a little scared of them, but I’m glad they’re in the garden.


Holiday Greetings 2014

Holiday Greetings from DIY Backyard Gardening…


Thank you for visiting my backyard gardening blog since its inception in 2012. It’s been an enjoyable experience to share what I’ve learned as a semi-green thumbed gardener. Also, many thanks to the generous contributors who’ve provided us with additional information about gardening and other useful, relevant resources.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and see you in 2015!!!


What’s New: Gardening Infographics

gardening-infographic-indoorgardening We have a new main menu (with sub-pages) on the DIY Backyard Gardening blog that’s dedicated to curated gardening infographics.

Like other types of infographics, these were created by their original owners to provide informative illustrations on specific topics. My aim is to provide additional information that’s easier to read (especially for those who are busy and do not have the luxury of reading long posts) and share with your fellow gardener-friends.

This menu is  a work in progress as I will continue to search and share gardening infographics that will best fit our goals as home gardeners.


Updating This Backyard Gardening Blog

Dear readers of DIY Backyard Gardening Adventures.

My sincerest apologies if you’ll find the blog a little different, but quite familiar in terms of the theme. I’ve used this theme before, but opted to use another one due to cleaner look and feel. However, this DIY backyard gardening blog has a static header page menu which is not ideal for the amount of sub-pages available – making reader’s navigation experience not too pleasant.

That’s why we are going to use the prior theme for this reason.

Thank you for your understanding.

Practical Gardening Tips

Here’s a presentation I’ve created on SlideShare on practical gardening tips. These are quite basic and easy to understand especially for beginner gardeners.


Practical Gardening Tips via SlideShare

I hope you’ll find it useful and helpful for your front and/or backyard garden.

Update: Guys, please click on the image to head over to SlideShare. Embedding the slide presentation here slows down the upload time of the site. Thank you!

Backyard Gardening Project: How to Make a DIY Bird Feeder

I’ve created a how-to guide on making a bird feeder a week ago and I hope you’ve tried it at home, too.

It’s really easy and cheap. And you’ll be feeding wild birds (and even sneaky mice if you’re from the Philippines) in no time.

Here’s what mine looks like:


DIY bird feeder for our backyard garden visitors

Not pretty, I know. But it’s functional and costs nothing. Just a few minutes and a little creativity.

Try it and tell us when you’re done. Enjoy!



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